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Indexes available at 24Five

Index Australia 200 Spot

Belgium 20 Spot Index

China A50 Spot Index

Europe50 Spot Index

France 40 Spot Index

France 40 Spot Index

Greece25 (ATHEX Large Cap) Spot Index

Japan 225 Spot Index

HongKong50 Spot Index

Holland25 Spot Index

Hungary12 Spot Index

Spain35 Spot Index

Swiss20 Spot Index

Portugal20 Spot Index

Poland20 Spot Index

Norway25 Spot Index

Denmark 20 Spot Index

Finland25 (Helsinki 25) Spot Index

Sweden30 Spot Index

Nordic40 Spot Index

Germany50 Mid Cap Spot Index
The Germany50 is a market-weighted benchmark index of the 50 largest German companies that rank below the 30 companies included in the DAX index.
The index excludes companies in the technology sector and includes several well-known companies such as Hugo Boss and Airbus SE.

GerTech30 Index
The GerTech30 stock market index, or TecDAX, is a benchmark index that tracks the performance of the 30 largest technology stocks in Germany. Its constituent companies are mid-caps and the index as a whole has a market capitalization in excess of €10 billion

Germany30 Spot Index

UK Mid 250 Spot Index

UK 100 Spot Index

US 30 Spot Index

US SPX 500 Spot Index

USNASDAQ 100 (NDX) Spot Index


Indexes are financial assets that weight the market capitalization of several companies in a sector or economic region.

In other words, when you buy a share of an index, you are investing in all the companies that make up the index.

CFDs are an investment instrument, a spot derivative, without maturity that works on the basis of transactions on the prices of an underlying asset. In this case, if you invest in index CFDs, the objective will be to predict a rise or fall in the price of the index’s shares.

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