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Forex trading refers to the buying and selling of currency pairs through the Internet and specialized software. Forex is a decentralized international market in which investors, banks, investment funds, governments, retail investors and speculators buy and sell currencies to take advantage of the devaluation of one currency against another.

Currently YES. In the past, before it was possible to invest through the Internet, the minimum investment for Forex was 100,000 USD (the cost of a lot of 100,000 monetary units). Now it is possible to access a lot of 100,000USD, with an investment of 1,000USD, thanks to financial leverage.

In addition, new lots have been created to facilitate access to Forex. Currently, there are Mini lots of 10,000USD and Micro lots of 1,000USD.

When we invest in Forex, we must make a buy/sell trade to make a profit. We make money when the currency we invest in appreciates against its peer.

YES, 24/five makes available to its users the demo version of MT4, with 10,000USD of credit for you to practice before investing (the “money” and “profits” of the DEMO version are not REAL).

It is the unit of exchange in Forex.

It is composed of two currencies. The most liquid in the world is the EUR/USD. The pair expresses the price relationship between one and the other, which is why the pair is always accompanied by a number:


This means that with 1 Euro I get 1.5 US dollars.

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